Sofia High School of Construction, Architecture and Geodesy “Hristo Botev”

Sofia High School of Construction, Architecture and Geodesy is the first and most authoritative school in our country for preparation of specialists with secondary education in the fields of building, architecture and geodesy and park construction.
It was created in 1909 by Bulgarian king Boris’s Decree.
Its popularity and importance is increasing due to the fact, that the profession of the building is highly estimated.
For almost a century – old history of the school – thousand young people have studied here, who later built with professionalism homes, roads, bridges factories and dams.
Today in Sofia High School of Construction, Architecture and Geodesy “Hristo Botev” study more than 1050 students from VIII to XIII grade and work 89 teachers.
School has following specialties in VIII grade:

  • Construction and architecture 
  • Construction and architecture 
  • Hydro Construction
  • Road Construction
  • Geodesy
  • Park Construction

After VIII grade students take:

  • Profession: “Constructional technician” or
  • Occupation: “Construction and architecture”

After graduating XII grade and successfully take a state qualification school-leaving (matriculation theoretical and practical examinations) students receive:

  • Diploma for secondary education and
  • Certificate for II level of professional qualification in chosen by them construction profession.

School’s role in the present project is:

  • To be Bulgarian partners coordinator;
  • To develop the lessons “Construction Green”;
    • developing the lessons from the Unit “Technology” – for student level;
    • evaluation suitability of level of material for initial vocational education;
  • To develop the web-site of the project;
    • to adapt specialist technical data into appropriate multi-media format and uploading into web-site;
    • translation the web-pages.

The patron of school is Hristo Botev. He is an undying Bulgarian poet and national revolutionary. All his life and love he dedicated to his homeland. (1848 – 1876)


  Bulgaria, 1421 Sofia
Evlogy Georgiev 34 blv.
tel: +359 2 8654076, fax: +359 2 9633483